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30 years of world-class acoustics

From starting their own consultancy in the late 80’s to building the Nordic region’s largest consulting environment within acoustics, Arild Brekke & Lars Strand have succeeded, not only in cultivating the best acousticians, but in creating a completely unique company culture that attracts the best people.

On Friday 22 October, the stage was set for a party and celebration for the more than 100 employees in central Oslo.

The company has grown a lot in the last 10 years, primarily through organic growth and a merger with Sinus AS in 2018. The growth is mainly a result of good acousticians wanting to be part of a large consulting environment where acoustics, noise and vibrations are at the center.
We now have 8 offices in the largest cities in Norway and Sweden. The company had a turnover in 2020 of 165 million, a profit of NOK 23.5 million, which constitutes an EBITA margin of 14.7 percent. Even in the ‘corona year’ 2020, the company had a growth of 8%.


Interest in a good sound environment in society has increased significantly in recent years, and we see a further increase in the future and an increasing need for knowledge. The sound environment or sound quality is central to us individuals and research shows that a good sound environment is important for health and the number of years of life. Future scenarios show that the population moves to the cities, we want to live closer and will thus be more affected by noise. It is difficult to turn a deaf ear, so we must build residential areas and homes with a good sound environment. A good sound environment is an important factor for well-being in the workplace. This applies if you work in an office landscape, in industry or are offshore.

“I am proud to lead a company that is so recognized in the market, has such good employees, a good working environment and that delivers high quality to our customers,” says CEO Frøydis Espedal.

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