The employer's responsibility to take care of the workers' health.

Offshore, there are both small and large systems that can cause noise and vibration that affect workers’ health. The primary requirement from the Norwegian authorities is related to personal noise exposure and exposure to whole body and hand-arm vibrations. Brekke & Strand Acoustics offers a wide range of services within measurement, calculation, documentation and action assessments to limit noise and vibrations.

Brekke & Strand Akustikk has extensive experience with most noise and vibration-related issues related to offshore activities. We have a large and versatile instrument park with associated tools so that we are equipped for most (if not all) assignments in our field. We carry out regular assignments in engineering / engineering, commissioning, as-built measurements and documentation. Noise mapping with preparation of noise maps, risk assessments, noise and vibration monitoring, control of hand-arm and whole-body vibrations etc. is performed regularly. We perform all types of assignments, both large and small, and our customers are everything from large groups to smaller companies.

Brekke & Strand Acoustics measurements according to standardized methods and more tailored arrangements where this is required. Our goal is to find cost-effective solutions.

What we do:
• Everything in noise and vibration measurements
• Advanced vibration measurements and analysis with animations of movements in all directions.
• Multi-channel vibration measurements in connection with balancing of rotating equipment.
• Multi-channel measurements for troubleshooting special problems
• Noise dosimetry measurements
• Commissioning and as-built noise and vibration measurements
• Mapping of noise and vibrations (hand-arm and whole body) in the working environment.
• Database has been prepared to calculate noise and vibration exposure for handheld tools, including information on working time restrictions.
• Preparation of noise zone maps
• Engineering / engineering and design in connection with new equipment, new modules and installations (LQ and Topside), or rebuilding / modification of equipment and installations.
• Design and dimensioning of noise-reducing measures in the form of quiet equipment, valves and diving plates with quiet design, shielding, installations and optimization of operation.
• Assist with planning to meet relevant noise requirements in connection with. demolition of old equipment and installations both offshore and onshore.
• Noise test for documentation of sound power level for machinery and equipment, according to measurement standards: ISO 3746 / ISO 3744 / ISO 3747, ISO 9614-2 and ISO 11202. We can both witness and perform measurements on IAT and FAT.
• Long-term monitoring of noise, vibration, and dust as needed.
• Measurements with acoustic camera