Brekke & Strand shall conduct all business in a responsible manner; a sound way of ensuring human health, safety and the environment, preserving the environment and quality of the products and services we provide to the market. To achieve this, we use Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management systems designed to enable us to:

  • comply with regulatory requirements and other relevant requirements
  • fulfill the customer’s expectation of expertise, within our profession
  • provide better service than the customer expects of us
  • establish requirements specifications and solutions that harmonize with the project’s objectives
  • apply national and international standards and methods in our assessments
  • run a systematic competency process. Competence should be our competitive advantage to demonstrate that quality is the responsibility of all employees.
  • drive a continuous improvement process of our quality system

We have a clear environmental focus in our assignments (externally) and in our business (internally):

  • We comply with regulatory requirements and other relevant environmental requirements
  • We put the environment on the agenda in our assignments
  • We will help to achieve our national environmental goals; (Norway)
  • Carbon neutral by 2050
    Stop emissions increase by 2020
  • Reduce noise nuisance by 10% by 2020 (ref. 1999 level)
  • Reduce the number of people with indoor noise levels above 38 dB by 30% by 2020 (ref. 2005 level)
  • We will help to achieve our national environmental goals; (Sweden)
  • Limited climate impact – efforts are made to keep the increase in average temperature to below 1.5 degrees Celsius
  • Fresh air – the highest content of environmentally harmful substances must not exceed the guideline values ​​set for sensitive groups
  • Well built environment – People are not exposed to harmful air pollution, chemical substances, noise levels and radon levels or other unacceptable health or safety risks
  • We will seek alliances that work with innovative thinking in the field of environmental impact
  • We will reduce our own environmental impact

A good and safe working environment is important to Brekke & Strand:

  • We must comply with regulatory requirements and other relevant requirements
  • The protection service should be consulted and involved in matters relating to the working environment
  • Everyone should feel that they are part of Brekke & Strand
  • Brekke & Strand should be a good place to work
  • We will systematically improve the working environment, health and safety
  • Ongoing processes in the management team should be transparent and communicated to everyone
  • There must be predictability in the working relationship

The management system in Brekke & Strand has been prepared and implemented in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 on quality management and meets the relevant requirements laid down by the Planning and Building Act.

Head of HSEQ Tove Magnussen & Frøydis Espedal. CEO Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS 


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