Senior Advisor


Frode is a graduate engineer from Bergen Engineering College and Business Economist. He has worked as an advisor in KILDE Akustikk AS (1992-2011), as project manager / senior engineer in SWECO Norge AS (2011-17) and as project manager / senior advisor at Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS from October 2017.

Frode has extensive experience with noise measurements and investigations from various types of industry, aquaculture, shooting lanes, motorsport, transportation and building acoustics. Among Frode’s reference projects are  the E39 Søgne East Mandal East KU, KDP and Regulatory Plan. Framo Sea Life new office and industrial building. Straumsfjellet panoramic housing project. The limit value regulation Bergen / Sogn noise measures on housing (road). Noise insulation housing around Flesland Airport, Bergen.

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