Yara Glomfjord, the world’s northernmost fertilizer plant, is located close to existing buildings in Glomfjord in Meløy municipality in Nordland. The company works systematically to reduce the noise to the environment.

For many years, Brekke and Strand has assisted in mapping and monitoring noise from Yara’s plants in Glomfjord. Noise measurements were carried out on over 60 individual sources and critical noise sources were identified, including by using an acoustic camera. The results are used to assess noise-reduction measures and to prepare a noise zone map for the pollution and planning authorities. In 2009, new silencers were fitted onto the two 50 m high chimneys in the acid factory. On one of the chimneys, the noise was reduced by over 20 dB, which meant that the overall noise level for the neighbour decreased by 8 dB. The silencer was specially designed for the situation by Brekke & Strand.