Weighing off “Osebergskipet”

When the new museum is completed on Bygdøy, the ships will be moved and preparations for this are under way.
New support structures for the ships will also be installed when they are in a new museum. As part of the preparations, load cells are now installed under all supports and arrangements on the Oseberg ship. One will then get the exact weight of the ship and weight distribution.
Load cells are mounted under today’s support and then the ship and today’s supporters lifted a little to accommodate. The first step is to see how the Oseberg ship relies on being lifted up a bit. 4 supports were lifted 2 – 3 mm while it was carefully recorded how the ship responded to this. The first step in the weighing process is done. The ship will be on load cells for at least one year, and it will be monitored how the load depends on moisture and temperature. Meanwhile, deformations of the polls and other critical places are measured.