During its more than 30 years in the industry, Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS has grown to become Norway's leading specialists within the areas of sound and vibration. Among our more than 110 highly qualified acousticians, we have several pioneers with many years of experience in construction, industry and transport. We are also active in research environments, we are conduct teaching and lectures and we are part of the reference groups that administer Norwegian legislation concerning sound and noise conditions. Our professional reputation means that you as a customer will always get the best advice from us.


Brekke & Strand accepts all tasks in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration, from simple acoustic measurements to complex special tasks. Our company has extensive knowledge and high levels of skills in our field and in the industries in which we work. This enables us to resolve complex challenges in both new and existing projects. Because of our level of expertise, we are often invited to work in collaboration with other large consultancy firms, even though they may have their own acoustic expertise.


Brekke & Strand has the longest and widest level of experience in the market. As a company, we have operated in the Norwegian market since 1988, but many of our staff have been working in the field for over 30 years. We have helped to develop the field and expand the range of activities that are expected of an acoustician today. Our extensive experience in the field of acoustics therefore makes us an attractive partner in all our markets.


Brekke & Strand possesses the highest level of expertise in the Nordic region in the following areas: building acoustics, room acoustics, special studies in oil & gas, noise from wind turbines, noise from ventilation systems, noise and structural sounds from roads and rail.
            We have a major focus on ensuring that all our employees are given the opportunity to specialize in specific topics through courses, studies and project work, in order to maintain and especially to develop our areas of expertise.

Articles & presentations

A brief introduction into the violin acoustics history (Anders Buen, 2006)

An in-depth analysis of the double bass-stage floor contact (Anders Buen, 2008)

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Low Frequency Limits of Reflector Arrays (2) (Magne Skålevik, 2008)

Low Frequency Limits of Reflector Arrays (Poster) (Magne Skålevik, 2008)

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One the interaction between double basses and the stage floor-poster (Anders Buen, 2007)



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Room Acoustics in the scene II in the new Opera and the Ridehuset - two variable acoustics coupled space venues (Anders Buen & Lars Strand, 2008)

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Using Planning Guidelines as a Tool to AchieveGood Soundscapes for Residents (Sigmund Olafsen, 2009)

What is old italian timbre? (Anders Buen, 2010)


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The page is dedicated to the themes of room acoustics, music acoustics, speech acoustics, perception and their interrelationships generally, as well as concert hall acoustics and stage acoustics in particular.