Oseberg viking ship – ODS

In this video we have animated two different vibration patterns of an historic artefact, the Oseberg Viking ship.
What you see is the deflection pattern of 60+ measurement points on the ship coupled together to show how the ship moves under de facto load conditions. Real deflections is in the micro meter range so here they have been magnified for us to see.
In this case the load is caused by floor vibration due to visitors walking more or less in random around the artefact.

This animation/analysis can be used for improving computer models of the ship’s structural dynamics.



Nordic Sound Symposium 50 years

Nordic Sound Symposium 2018 will take place 31st of mai – 3rd of june

Nordic Sound Symposium celebrates its 50 years anniversary in 2018 as the inaugural symposium was held in 1968. The technical developments over this period has been staggering. At this year’s Symposium we will look forward focusing on the technical developments we see coming towards us in the years to come. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Nordic Sound Symposium, we aim to give you valuable input on new audio developments building your competencies for the future.

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