This year’s Master’s thesis in acoustics

The expert group in acoustics in RIF (Advisory Engineers’ Association), has this year as last year handed out the award for the year’s best master’s thesis in acoustics.
The prize of 10,000 NOK was awarded to Paula Cruz Gonzalez for her task of comparing measurements and calculations of sound propagation.
“We congratulate Paula with a well-deserved prize and hope that more NTNU students get their eyes on acoustics,” says Brekke & Strand’s own Tore Moen, who is the head of the RIF Expert Group.

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Portalen – Lillestrøm

The location south of the railway station in Lillestrøm takes a quantum jump now when Portalen is ready. The new landmark of 50,000 square meters contains hotels, business areas, an office building and two apartment blocks with 144 apartments.

The builder through Jernbanegata AS is OBOS Forretningsbygg AS. Portalen is OBOS’ largest single project ever, with a project cost of over 1.5 billion NOK. The project owner for the residential area is OBOS New Home, project management for Scandic Lillestrøm has been Chinma Holding, while Øyvind Moen AS and OBOS Prosjekt have assisted the building management in addition to OBOS Forretningsbyggs’ own resources. Veidekke Entreprenørs total contract has a value of NOK 821 million excluding fees, and is also Distrikt Oslo’s first project built after the BREEAM-NOR classification.

In recent years, the ten-acre plot has served as a parking lot, but with different owner constellations, efforts have been made to achieve good finances in various project plans. OBOS Forretningsbygg contacted LPO Arkitekter in the fall of 2012, with a wish to get about 50,000 square meters of land in which 40,000 square meters would be above ground.

– There were clear indications about the disposals. OBOS Forretningsbygg wanted an office building in the south, a hotel closest to the train station and homes and shops located in the center. We had a very good internal process that led to this concept, says Beate Bruun of LPO Arkitekter, who won the architectural competition just before Christmas in 2012.


Weighing off “Osebergskipet”

When the new museum is completed on Bygdøy, the ships will be moved and preparations for this are under way.
New support structures for the ships will also be installed when they are in a new museum. As part of the preparations, load cells are now installed under all supports and arrangements on the Oseberg ship. One will then get the exact weight of the ship and weight distribution.
Load cells are mounted under today’s support and then the ship and today’s supporters lifted a little to accommodate. The first step is to see how the Oseberg ship relies on being lifted up a bit. 4 supports were lifted 2 – 3 mm while it was carefully recorded how the ship responded to this. The first step in the weighing process is done. The ship will be on load cells for at least one year, and it will be monitored how the load depends on moisture and temperature. Meanwhile, deformations of the polls and other critical places are measured.

Eika Fet Arena

The new sports hall in Fetsund is a long-awaited venue for the sports club in the village.

The 2,300 square meter hall contains two handball courts, as well as 2×750 square meter of social space and service. In addition, a climbing hall has been built with a 13 meter high climbing wall and buldre wall. A new kindergarten is also a big part of the project.

Backe Romerike AS has had the turnkey contract for the project where Fet IL is the builder.
– We started at new years with the construction of the hall and kindergarten. We feel that we have completed a great project in a short space of time, says project manager Petter Vestli from Backe Romerike AS to Byggeindustrien.

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