Heggedal school and multipurpose hall

Heggedal primary school was rebuilt, with new additions and a multipurpose hall affiliated with the school. Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS is engaged as sound technical consultant for SG Architecture.

“The old school had been extended and expanded at irregular intervals over the years. The first part was from 1906, the last expansion was from the early 2000s. The challenge was to make an expansion to a 3 parallel school, when many changes over time has resulted in a very inexpedient construction, says Kjetil Myrseth in SG Architecture, who has been projecting since the draft project.
The school area is in total 11.000 square meters. In the total area, the multipurpose hall is included with an underlying parking floor of 2,800 square meters. The lot of almost 19 acres, is flat and located on a ridge, with the schoolyard facing the south and overlooking the lake Gjellumvannet. After demolishing and rebuilding the facility is now organized with a central middle wing with administration and common classrooms, as well as two side wings for the teaching areas.”

Article and pictures at: bygg.no.