New office manager in Trondheim

Anders Fiskvik is the new office manager in Brekke & Strand Akustikk, Trondheim

Anders Fiskvik began in Brekke & Strand Akustikk in Trondheim September 1st as office manager.

The position will have specific responsibility for the development of Brekke & Strand’s services in the Trøndelag region and in the northern parts of the country. The position will report to the Managing dir. Ingjerd Aaraas. Brekke & Strand has 6 acousticians in Trondheim and will thus help to sharpen skills and competitiveness in the region.

“As of today we in Trondheim are strong in planning and building acoustics and noise studies in planning and building, we wish to increase the market shares also in industry and transport in our region” says Fiskvik. He also adds that Brekke & Strand wants to bet northwards: “We will be a good partner for architects, contractors and builders in our northernmost counties.”