Christian Krohgsgate 32

The contracting company Bunde Construction AS has been providing the refurbishment on behalf of the property company Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS and OBOS Forretningsbygg, who have equal shareholdings in the property Christian Krohgsgate 32 AS with an area of 11,300 square meters. The apartment building was purchased from Aberdeen in December 2014.

Christian Krohgsgate 32 are listed in 1935 as business premises with six floors, and has primarily served as storage up until around 2000. The building is made of reinforced concrete, and bricked with kammerstein of bims. To avoid internal columns, the skeleton is constructed as frame structures over 10.6 meters span. All floors are decorated for factories and warehouses, and the sixth floor is designed as a large fanlight hall. The old building was built in 2000 by the NCC for the Police Immigration Unit, which was located here for a decade.
– We assisted Westerdals Oslo ACT finding new premises and during the inspection here we found out that the building is well suited to their purpose. It has good heights, is robust and has a good amount of daylight, which is well suited for teaching and classrooms. That it is column-free between the floors, is also beneficial, says director of development Fredrik W. Baumann in Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS (ABNE) to Byggeindustrien.

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Rafstöðvarvegur, Reykjavik

We have got our first mission in Iceland!

Our Icelandic colleague Halldòr will project indoor acoustics in office premises for around 80 employees. It is an older building in Rafstöðvarvegur in a great area of Reykjavik by the river Elliðaá. The building has previously been used as a training center, youth house and museum, but will now be converted into offices.


The mission is carried out in cooperation with Verkfræðistofa Reykjavíkur.

Vitaminveien 11

Billion mission for Thon in Oslo

The project includes construction of hotels, cinema, homes, day care and nourishment.

The project will be next door to Storo Storsenter which also is owned by Thon Storo ANS.

The project will be founded on piles via molded pile foundations directly on the mountain. The grid will be of prefabricated concrete and steel. The outer walls will mostly dry brick with areas of glass, metal and wood.


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Frogner school and youth center

At Frogner in Sørum municipality the first construction phase of a large-scale educational and multipurpose facility is completed – half a year ahead of schedule.
Students and teachers could make use of the new school buildings already in March 2016, while the official opening took place on this year’s school start on August 18. The first construction phase consists of three school buildings that are connected by a culvert, renovation of the existing primary school and outdoor facilities. The project is carried out in a collaboration contract between Sørum municipal property company KF and Betonmast Romerike, which has been the turnkey. L2 Architects have designed the buildings.
To reduce the scale the project is divided into several smaller volumes. The school buildings and the cultural center are gathered around a central square, which is aimed at Frogner city center.
– We have put particular emphasis on good daylight in all teaching areas and workplaces for the teachers by selecting large windows. Large ceiling height in all classrooms are also selected for optimum conditions in terms of light and air, says civil architect Jon Flatebø in L2.
There is great emphasis on universal design, which is step-free access between all buildings. Outdoors there are universally designed walkways, and it will be built a bridge across the valley between indoor swimming pool and building B. That way, you get direct access from the parking lot and into the school building. Indoors energy have been used and effort to get luminance contrast (grayscale contrast) on transitions in materials and stairs. The culvert that connects the three school buildings makes it possible to get through all the buildings without having to go outside.

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Raufoss school

Students and teachers at Raufoss in Vestre Toten has moved into a brand new school.

Students and teachers can now frolic in a new building of approximately 5,500 square meters. The project has a budget of 175 million NOK. excl. VAT, which includes both plot, fixtures, adjacent facilities and especially an outdoor area.

Raufoss school is sized for nearly 400 pupils. Today the school has 270 pupils. Principal Geir Westby Larson explains that it is a multicultural school where 70 of the pupils come from 22 different nations.
– Our vision of this project is to create a common school for all, says the headmaster.
The staff at the school with Larson spearheaded has been a committed part in planning the project. According to Larson, they had no desire to build a base school with open solutions. They have however prioritized spending much space on large bright classrooms.
– We feel we have gained acceptance for many of our wishes and we are very pleased with the results, he says.

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Rykkinn school dep. Berger

Veidekke was chosen when Bærum municipalitys second PPP (Public–private partnership) school would replace the old school from 1975 at Rykkinn.

Rykkinn school, dep. Berger was also expanded somewhat in the 1980s. But although most of the buildings were not more than a scant 40 years, the ravages of time had necessitated an extensive grip. To rebuild or build on was carefully evaluated contra to demolish everything and rather start with a clean slate.

In relation to a reference building, the project achieved a total reduction of CO2 at a total of 38 percent in relation to the objectives of FutureBuilt – respectively 46 percent in materials and 45 percent on energy.
– The challenge of passive houses as always is to get the building structure as airtight as possible, but by working closely with the architect and skilled carpenters, we have developed good practices and achieved very respectable density measurements. We ended on 300 millimeter insulation in exterior walls, sections of 400 millimeters at the ceiling and an overall U-value of windows and doors under 0.8, says Jacobsen.
– The consideration for the neighbors regarding noise and dust and to students’ safety during access to and from the common meeting point for bussing outside the construction site fence, we considered as two important challenges in the project. However, this has worked in a great way in close and constructive dialogue with both neighbors and school employees, Jacobsen concludes.

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