Munkerud School

A worn and not very functional school and an increased demand for school places, made it most expedient to build a new elementary school in Nordstrand in Oslo.

The old school from 1959, which was extended several times over the years, was laid across the hilly site which is characterized by steep peaks.
– Increased population growth and a very poor condition was behind the decision to build a new school, where LCC-analysis formed the basis for the decision on demolishing and rebuilding. The new school can accommodate 840 students, approximately 200 more than at the old school, says project manager Nina Rønning in Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF.


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Tvibit: The youth venue

“The youth center Tvibit has existed for almost 16 years, and has up until spring been located in premises at Fredrik Langes street. Now when the new youth center is opening in the completely remodeled old firehouse at Parkgata it is as a result of the greatest national investment on youth culture ever.”

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Ensjø Square

Skanska: Great interest to live at the subway

Skanska is experiencing a great interest for its new residential project, Ensjø Square, located at the metro station at Ensjø.

Here, Skanska is developing about 520 apartments spread over several buildings. This first sales phase consists of 79 apartments in a building that runs along Ensjøveien and is located towards the new square that will be built on Ensjø. A further 24 units are coming to market later in August.
– On the plot, we will build several new buildings, says Regional Director for Skanska Eiendomsutvikling, Helen Gåsvik in a statement.
– Our next sales phase is one of the few high residential buildings in Oslo, with 14 floors on the lid of the underground station. The view from the apartments here will be unique in Oslo. Ensjø Square-development is also in line with both Skanska’s and Oslo’s Municipality’s strategy for residential development on and around the transport hub, says Gåsvik.


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Gamborgs Place

A corner plot on the border between Dælenenga and Rodeløkka has over the last decades served as a parking lot, but has now been replaced by two new apartment buildings above commercial premises and a parking garage.

Large parts of the former industrial buildings on the lower part of Rodeløkka is history. Most of the old wooden buildings which we still find on the plateau in the southeast, are also gone. In recent years, several large builders have transformed the existing factory premises into new, exciting housing projects. Last out is Gamborgs Place – which constitutes the last undeveloped corner of a block in the neighborhood where all the streets are named after Nordic cities.


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Moholt 50 | 50

Students could from mid-August move into brand new flats in the high-rise Moholt student village in Trondheim, the project which is Europe’s biggest solid wood project.

Moholt 50 | 50, which is the name the builder Studentsamskipnaden in Trondheim have selected is an extensive project. Overall we are talking about a development of about 23,000 square meters. It is about five student blocks each on nine floors and a total of 632 student apartments. Of these 364 moved in the first round, while the rest will be ready before the start of the semester next year.

Also, a three-storey kindergarten was built with a total area of 2300 square meters. The kindergarten, where 60 employees are getting ready to move in, will be Trondheim’s largest with ten departments and place for 171 children. It will be operated by SiT.
Under the ground there is a parking facility of 1000 square meters, and the whole area has 10 000 square meters of Commons.

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Airy public spaces and sheltered architecture characterizes the housing project Gartnerløkka at Løren in Oslo.

The company Lørenvangen Utvikling AS, which is owned 50/50 by Veidekke Eiendom AS and OBOS, are the developers of the four construction stages, where Veidekke Entreprenør AS has the turnkey contract.
The first of the four construction stages were handed the builder in May this year, while the second construction stage will be completed in August. Then follows the completion of step three in November, and step four in June 2017.

– Overall Gartnerløkka get 244 apartments, and in the first building phase there are 53 homes. The project also includes a kindergarten with six departments, where those living at Gartnerløkka have priority in a kindergarten place, says project manager marketing and sales of Veidekke Eiendom AS, Øystein Gundersen to Byggeindustrien.

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The sound of Rosendal

The beautiful village by the Hardangerfjord has its barony with roots from 1665. Leif Ove Andsnes has retrieved music belonging to – and literally created a new sound from the Barony.

Now the Barony has rebuilt the barn into a concert hall, a much needed arena, with seating for 460 listeners. The place has a long tradition of intimate concerts in the old castle. The small concert venues are also used during the festival, creating intimate Schubertiades.

The thing that is completely new at this festival is that the sound in the new Knights Hall in the old barn is digitized. Almost like swearing in the church for chamber musicians. But the elongated wooden building would have been heavy and difficult to fill with good sounding acoustically. How that would have worked out, we never got to hear. The digital processing Andsnes envisaged before the festival turned out to work – and of course, was the big talk among both musicians and audience.

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Now the sound in the Great Hall will be improved

Thanks to the UKA15-surplus, the Student union in Trondheim could afford to improve the acoustics in the Great Hall. Brekke & Strand has projected.

The PA system in the Great Hall got its reinforcement in 2014, and now the acoustics in the hall are sharpened too. The harsh sound will be sealed, and a porous plaster will be added in the dome of the room to reduce the reverberation time.
In 2014 the music system (MUO) served 1.6 million to enhanced sound in the great hall, and thanks to secure economic management and the UKA15-surplus, students can also treat themselves to an extra million (NOK) for finishing touches.

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Portalen Lillestrøm ahead of schedule

The 12-storey Portalen in Lillestrøm is now just one year away from completion. Developer OBOS says that the spectacular residential and commercial construction is ahead of schedule.

– The construction is on schedule, we are actually a little ahead, so that’s very positive, says Hans Petter Hauge, marketing director of OBOS, to Romerikes Blad.
Portalen will include a Scandic hotel with 220 rooms and conference facilities, 3,500 square meters of business premises, 144 apartments in two apartment buildings and an office building of about 17,000 square meters with 868 jobs.


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Skien high school

Skanska Norway has signed a contract with Telemark County Council for the construction of the new Skien high school. The contract has a value of 461 million NOK before tax, and the construction starts in the autumn of this year. The school will, according to the press release, be ready in the autumn of 2018.

In June 2015, Skanska was chosen as the county’s collaboration partner to develop the new high school. The original proposal was rejected at the the county council on June 8 2016. The county council decided that if Skanska in a short time managed to deliver a revised offer within the financial envelope that the county council had set, the county council could either go for the revised offer or send the construction of the school out on a new tender, according to the press release.
On Telemark County’s website it states that the school will be built for 1,050 students, and that the financial framework is NOK 618 million (in 2013).


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