Liljendal -Trondheim

“Within a few years there has been major changes in the eastern neighborhoods of Trondheim. The construction of the impressive Strindheim tunnel, and the mall Sirkus Shopping a few years before that, has helped to give this part of town a boost. Now Trym Living follows with their Liljendal project.

When it is completed, it will consist of six large blocks of about 300 apartments and 10,000 square meters of commercial premises. Jernbaneverket is responsible for the development of a part of this area by a planned superstructure over the railway that will link the connection Lade-Strindheim closer together.”


Wessels House, Lillestrøm

“Right next to Åråsen Stadium, Asker Entreprenør has just submitted a five-floor building with a distinctive design to the property developer NCC Bolig.

The block has a divided front with well screened patios, which also provides a lot of light in the apartments, Øystein Kyrre Pedersen in Marlow Architects says of the block with the 44 apartments just north of Lillestrøm Sports Club’s home ground. The project name Wessels House originates from the manager Engebret Wessel in Lillestrøm Torvstrøfabrikk which was founded in the area in 1892.

Wessels House was planned with a total of 137 apartments spread over four quarters.
NCC Bolig (from April 12 Bonava) bought the property as early as 2006, and launched a project with more traditional apartment buildings. It did not occur to any appreciable liking in the market. After the financial crisis in 2007, it was decided to think completely new. Marlow Architects were commissioned to prepare a new proposal where the buildings were rotated to ensure even better daylight and with a completely different and more exciting balcony solution. At the same time a loft was also added from both sides of an inner courtyard, which provided a better utilization of the property.”

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