Great interest on noise in sewer pipes

“Geberit had managed to collect over 50 participants from across the construction industry on the theme of noise and fire problems in homes and apartment buildings. Knut Haugen, Advisory acoustic engineer from Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS, consultant Johnny Skeide from Glava AS and Odd Skriden and Arvid Aalen from Geberit Norway were some of the names on the lecture list.

Noise is a major problem
Knut Haugen who work in Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS, Norway’s leading advisors on sound and acoustics, talked in his lectures about many different reasons for what contributes to noise from plumbing installations. Haugen could confirm that the problems surrounding noise from sewer pipes is very current.
– We see a lot of complaints about noise in residential buildings. This applies especially in apartment buildings, but also in own homes. Our experience is that improper installation and improper construction technical design can cause a lot of noise. It is especially important to think about where you put the pipes in relation to noise-sensitive rooms. Options with change in the room layout can have significant noise-related consequences, such as if you move about the bathroom and bedroom, Haugen said.

Haugen pointed out that it is flushing of the toilet that is the reason for most complaints. To reduce the drain noise it is a great advantage to take gradual changes in direction instead of abrupt 90-degree bends. Too high noise levels are often due to structural sounds. Structural sounds can occur when embedding tubes in concrete or due to rigid connections to plaster walls. There are now several vendors offering solutions with vibration insulating pipe clamps. One must also ensure that shafts are built with adequate sound attenuation of airborne sound, but this usually seems to be well taken care of.”

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The Viking Age Museum

The viking ships are in much worse condition than previously thought. Statsbygg and the Museum of Cultural History is now looking at measures to protect the unique ships.

The Viking ships are world heritage that we should take care of, so it’s certainly not something we take lightly, says [Trond] Sørgjerd [in Statsbygg]. He says that Statsbygg and the Museum of Cultural History is now working on measures to protect the unique collection of ships and objects.

The engineers Brekke & Strand Acoustics, consulting engineers who are specialized in vibration technology, are hired to find solutions to preserve the collection. The mission will among other things consist of setting up a new support structure for the ships with vibration isolation. – It is a very important step, which will help provide guidelines for the construction, says Sørgjerd, which signed an agreement with Brekke & Strand Acoustics Tuesday.
– We have also assigned experts in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands,who have expertise in antiquarian wooden, traditional boats and vibration problems concerning antiquarian materials, he adds. ”

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Brekke & Strand Acoustics becomes wholly owned by the employees

Hjellnes Consult (HC) has sold its 39% share in Brekke & Strand Acoustics (BSA) to a newly formed holding company owned by the employees in BSA. The acoustics company becomes with this 100% owned by its employees, in line with HC.
“BSA has made very good progress over the period we have been one of the owners. The company has doubled the number of employees, more than doubled its turnover and has also delivered very good results,” says Geir Knudsen, adm. dir. in HC. “It has since we acquired the company in 2009 been an intention that the company at a certain point would be wholly owned by its employees and now we have agreed together that it is time,” he says.

“We have learned a lot from Hjellnes own model and on behalf of the employees in BSA’s we are pleased with the agreement we have signed. It is a good basis for the future – both for the company and for the shareholders. We will continue to be a spearhead in our areas of expertise”, says Ingjerd Aaraas, adm. dir. in BSA.

The companies have collaborated for many years, in fact since the early ’90s, including the well-known projects like Campus Ås and the new Munch Museum and the Deichmanske library in Bjørvika.
“This close cooperation will continue in the projects we are involved in – now also in the implementation of the new Viking Museum at Bygdøy, which will become a leading global center for the spread of knowledge about the Viking Age,” concludes Ingjerd Aaraas and Geir Knudsen.

Urbygningen (NMBU, Ås)

“The restoration of the 115 years old Urbygningen at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås is completed.

Urbygningen was designed by the architect Ole Sverre and raised in the years 1898 to 1900 and inaugurated the following year. Urbygningen was not the first building on the former Norwegian agricultural college in Ås, but in the other buildings there are not as much preserved who can tell posterity something about the school’s educational function.

Statsbygg and NMBU has from 2004 worked with the investigation and design of the renovation. In 2013, the project was granted to start the construction work. Statsbygg then engaged a new engineering group with 4B as an architect, as revised previously prepared preliminary project material. For Byggeledelse ÅF Advansia was engaged in 2013.

In 2013 and 2014 a comprehensive preliminary contract with KF contractor was conducted which included infrastructure in soil, drainage and interior demolition and diffuser.
The other renovation is conducted in a general contract with Skanska as the general contractor. The contract sum for the general contract at startup autumn 2014 was 205 million NOK incl. taxes.”

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For our customers’ safety…

Brekke & Strand Akustik AB is one of the few acoustic consultants in the market who’s got an accredited laboratory under ISO 17025. We are accredited by SWEDAC for the determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources. The accreditation means that our measurement methods and quality management skills are tested annually and checked by SWEDAC. Our accreditation number is the 10203.

We have in addition to the accreditation also a third-party certified management system for quality, environment and work in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Our certification number is SE003690-1, SE003691-1 and SE003692-1. All management systems are annually certified by the Bureau Veritas Certification Sweden AB.



“In 1915, Kongens gate 6 was one of Norway’s most modern business premises with a variety of technical services few in Kristiania had seen in those days. After an extensive renovation, tenants can now use remodeled and modern facilities. But it was important to preserve the historical parts of Sjøfartsbygningen.”

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Tvibit, Tromsø

“It has been quiet in the old fire station in Tromsø since the fire department got new premises in 2010. Now the doors open again in a brand new building with old roots, a youthful feel and music at full volume.

Sweet music
– It has been some ventilation challenges with such an old building and low altitudes, but our subcontractor has solved it, says Björn, and notes proudly that the strict acoustic requirements of the 22 rehearsal rooms and recording studios in the house are reached with aplomb.
– The users have very high demands on the sound areas in this project. Brekke & Strand, who carried out the acoustic measurements, said they hardly ever have done as good measurements as they have done with us. Both we and Tromsø municipality are very proud to have achieved it. Especially level two is an acoustic home run, he says. ”

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