Skogmo high school

Telemark County Council has signed an agreement with Skanska for the construction of Skogmo high school. And Brekke & Strand Acoustics AS is hired as acoustician.

“The school will undergo significant upgrades and expansions. The department for technical industrial production (TIP), which is currently located at Hjalmar Johansen department Klosterskole, will relocate to Skogmo.
Also planned are several major changes in the entrance hall, reception, cafeteria, auditorium, library and outdoor areas.

Fylkesrådmann Evy-Anni Evensen is looking forward to start the building process. – It’s great that we have come here and signed the contract. Now I’m looking forward to the sequel, says Evensen.

After a price and design competition, where several suppliers competed to deliver a proposal which overall was the best on the solution, price and competence, was Skanska nominated as winner of the competition, together with, among others, House Architects. Teamwork and pilot projects are implemented according to the development agreement and have formed the basis of the agreed contract, to be delivered as NS 8407 turnkey contract.

Since the award last summer Skanska has planned the development, in close cooperation with the school. District manager in Porsgrunn from Skanska, Even Larsen, is looking forward to embark on further work along with pupils and teachers on Skogmo.

– Project and school administration has worked very well in the interaction phase, so everything is appropriate that we work together to build a great school that provides both students and teachers a good learning environment, says Larsen.

Construction of Skogmo high school is planned to start in spring 2016 and will be completed in summer 2017. ”

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Åstorget, stage 2

“With frequent train service to Oslo and a university in growth there has been a high level of building activity in the municipality south of Akershus in recent years. Veidekke Entreprenør has had much to do in the growth area, and now the second stage of the central housing project Åstorget is finished and 31 homebuyers recently moved into the five-storey block.

Developer of the project is Åstorget Housing and behind the company name hides Veidekke Eiendom (50 percent) and Urbanium (50 percent) out.”

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Central kitchen, Drammen

“Drammen municipality has conducted a small revolution of its kitchen facilities for municipal housing and service centers and elderly living at home.
A prerequisite was a bespoke central kitchen where new processes and technologies are adopted.

The new kitchen Gulskogen has switched out the old and inefficient areas of the Landfalløya. The building is not more than 1,600 square meters over two levels, but it has an incredible capacity for producing meals each day: The number will remain at approx a million a year.”

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