Barony Rosendal -new festival at new concerthall

“The tension linked to the new chamber music festival in Rosendal, where we are projecting acoustics, rose at least three notches after Leif Ove Andsnes yesterday launched the new music festival to be held for the first time in August 2016: ‘Worldclass musicians’!” (-Magne Skålevik, responsible projectmanager)

As you might see in the features, the concerthall ain’t quite finished yet.

Dagsrevyen from 11/25/15:

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Photo: Magne brang along his son Lui on reverb measurement of the new concert hall at the Barony.

Eskelund care homes

On Eskelund in Rygge Hersleth contractor set up 25 care homes that are a little more elaborate than many other care homes.

“- We have built many residential homes, but this is the finest built Appearance and quality, says CEO Reinert Hersleth to Byggeindustrien. He’s even grown up in Oslo municipality, and are extra proud to be part of what he believes will be a landmark building in the municipality.
The residences are planned for residents with dementia easier and Rygge municipality has always had a focus on creating exciting housing for those who will be staying there. Around the oblong built winds it a trail criss-crossing, and on the one hand, they have built up healing gardens with plants and fountains. It lacks neither on benches along the trail.
– The entire grounds are almost like a healing gardens. For this user group are the grounds of the utmost importance to think about. The outdoor area will help to energize and also to curb unrest and restlessness of people with this disease. In planning we have obtained expertise from both the municipality and nationally, says project manager Inger Johanne Velde in Rygge municipality. ”


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Hospital Østfold Kalnes

“The new Østfold hospital on Kalnes in Sarpsborg is carried out with sky-high ambitions, both in progress, quality and safety. Despite challenging conditions are giant project inked faster, cheaper and better than what initially was in the plans.”


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Sørenga D1 b-4

“The design of the penultimate quarter Sørenga further clarifies for optimal solar and view conditions for most of the 110 apartments.

– This is one of the few residential quarters in Oslo with a location that is right on the waterfront. The facades of the north also borders one of the channels on Sørenga. A quality is the to get an opportunity to see the water from the residence. The solution was then cutting the quarter from northeast down to the southwest. With a sharply sloping facade from seven to two floors gets solar time throughout the courtyard, while ensuring most a view to the sea, says Trond Elverum in MAD Architects.”


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“Meet Kristian Anderson” – Regionhavn Orkanger

Meet Kristian Anderson, responsible for noise report attached to the port in Orkanger

Kristian Anderson was educated at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and has 9 years experience in sound, noise and vibration measurements. Anderson has worked for two years at Brekke & Strand as acoustic consultant.
Lately, he had the task of making comprehensive measurements and calculations of noise-related net current and future situation in the port of Orkanger.

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IOA Auditorium Acoustics Conference in Paris from 28 to 10/31/15

“The best conference ever” was Raf Orlofskys final words (Sort of Samaranch at Lillehammer 1994).

Auditorium Acoustics Conference, organized by the Institute of Acoustics. This conference was the 9th in a series of special interest in sals acoustics, which is held every two years. No parallel sessions. All sitting in the same room for three days. This year was the “sold out” with about 150 participants – something similar has not happened before.

The conference room was in the basement of the new big concert hall in Paris – Philharmonie. 2400 seats and much expectations and advance discussion on it was ordered something unique and innovative (remember we are in Paris). The audience all around is nothing new, but it has made a lucky streak by doing the Christchurch Town Hall, build encircling “tribunes” defining an intimate space inside a large volume.
Conference participants impression was very divided, depending on where you sat, which can also be expected from pictures and drawings of the courtroom. Some were almost indignant because so many of the places perceived as useless, and that it is perceived as trickery when you sort of have ordered a saddle at 2400 Place the.
I estimated the number of places which was behind the line defined by the stageline to be 800, ie 1/3 of all seats. And they were not cheaper for the reason. In my view, should such spaces cost “1 Euro” and be offered to students, people with bad advice, or to people who are late to buy tickets and who think this is better than nothing. With such assumptions one would probably have planned another type saddle.

My space on the 2nd balcony like that about “at 2” as seen from the podium gave a nice experience. The best seats were as usual they sals floor and on the 1st balcony behind again. As in the classic halls, just that there does sals form a larger number of such good seats. Paradox number 1 is that one can obtain a larger number of seats of the highest listening quality in an auditorium where the total number of seats is less.
Man has succeeded in creating short distances between podium and audience, theoretically, since no sight lines are longer than 32 meters. Paradox number 2 is that the psychological distance experienced on a balcony can be greater than on the floor or in the amphitheater in other halls, when the theoretical distance is the same.
The reverberation time in empty hall is long over 3 seconds, while EDT decreases significantly towards higher frequencies (about 2s at 1000Hz). With the audience present is T30 = 2.5s. Clarity is on average within the recommendation, C80 = -0.7dB. Conditions on the podium is apparently good and then some.

Arild Brekke holds lectures organized by Standard Norway

11.4. and 11.5. Arild holds lectures in connection with courses in audio requirements for legislation, accessibility and sound classification of housing, schools, kindergartens and offices in NS8175:

Program, day 1:

0930-1000 Registration
1000-1015 Welcome m / heading information and background –Standard Online, Standard Norway
1015-1100 Review of TEK10, Audio Requirements for buildings and universal design –Lisbeth Landfald, Standard Norway
1100-1115 Break
1115-1200 Review of the guideline for the treatment of noise land use planning, T-1442, outdoor acoustics –Karl Richard Persson, Environment Directorate
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Typical questions and issues about outdoor acoustics T-1442 –Karl Richard Persson, Environment Directorate
1330-1400 Summary of sound classes for building types in NS8175 –Iiris Turunen-Rindel, Standard Norway
1400-1410 Break
1410-1500 New Requirements for room acoustics in various premises (restaurants, industrial premises, reception areas, foyers, libraries, museums, stations) –Arild Brekke, Brekke & Strand Acoustics AS
1500-1530 Summary of legislation, universal design and questions

Program, day 2:

v / Arild Brekke and Tønnes Ognedal (Sinus as)

0900-0930 Noise from technical installations (limit in NS8175, examples of problems)
0930-1015 Housing (values, floor plans, construction principles)
1030-1115 Housing (important details in new buildings, renovation projects, measurements)
1115-1200 Schools and kindergartens (plan and soundproofing, room acoustics in the school landscape and classrooms)
1300-1345 Offices (layouts and soundproofing, acoustics in offices, issues on energy storage in covers / sound absorption)
1345-1415 Summary, questions and shutdown