Interview in Sweden Green Building Council

Brekke & Strand Acoustics create sustainable sound environments

“Disturbing the neighbors, noisy office environments and traffic noise. Noise pollution is a major environmental problem that must not be forgotten. Brekke & Strand therefore helps construction entrepreneurs to create good sound environments.

Most of us have at some time suffered from a poor sound environment; it could be an office where colleagues chatting becomes unbearable murmur, a hotel fan is noisy all night, a persistent traffic noise outside the bedroom or apartment block where every step that the neighbor does, is heard. By creating good acoustic environments, we can avoid such discomfort.”

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Silurveien 2

The new headquarters of all companies in the Selvaag Group has a clear design and a marked location right at Ring 3. The office building of 30,000 square meters also houses several external tenants, as everyone gets an advantage of working in a building with Energy Label A.




Breakthrough in Sweden

Brekke & Strand Akustik AB is awarded the contract at Lund University/ Music Academy in Malmö.

– This is an important milestone for us and our expansion into the Swedish market. We have worked our way up the last two years, from being a completely unknown company to be a relevant provider in such a prestigious assignment where the substrate clearly aimed Swedish advisors, says Ingjerd Aaraas, CEO at Brekke & Strand.

– We received notification wednesday and it is as usual a 14-day appeal period so we have to wait a bit to open the champagne, says Jimmy Diamandopoulos. He has been responsible for the offer and is also responsible for marketing the company in both Norway and Sweden.

The work will be to follow the project from the thought and idea until the building is finished and put into use by the musical talents who are admitted to the program.

– The university is among the top 100 universities in the world, so here we will enter a lot of energy to create space for teaching that is involved in developing the best candidates, says Magne Skålevik.

Skålevik has very extensive experience in musicbuildings, like Kilden Concerthouse (Kristiansand), Art School in Oslo (KHIO), Edvard Munch High school and not to mention the now ongoing mission to rehabilitate the Grieghallen (Bergen).


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“Noise and poor acoustics hinders learning”

“Norwegian schools are still built without adequate regard to sound learning space. The message is that early planning is essential to achieve a satisfactory learning environment.

– Safeguarding acoustic terms and solutions at an early stage can be crucial for good teaching conditions are achieved in a finished project, says senior adviser for acoustics in Brekke and Strand Acoustics AS, Tore Moen. He points out that the requirements and recommendations to ensure a satisfactory learning environment.”

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Brekke Strand in Kristiansand

“Specialist firm in acoustics, noise and vibration, Brekke & Strand, should now establish themselves in Kristiansand.

The office opens on October 12, and they’ve gotten Endre Skagen Sanne to lead the initiative.

– We make a careful entrance with a person in Kristiansand – this is a new market for us. We see that there is much exciting field of transport and industry in this region and here we believe that we can benefit both for builders, contractors and industry owners who want to develop their projects to provide the best environmental footprint. We are somewhat familiar with the region through projects like Kilden Konserthus and the University of Agder. Now is our ambition to be present locally as a partner for designers and entrepreneurs, says CEO Ingjerd Aaraas.

They now count a total of 50 employees and have offices in Oslo, Trondheim and Gothenburg. The turnover of the company is nearly 70 million. ”

Brekke & Strand satser i Kristiansand : – Byggeindustrien (norwegian article)