Many of our customers need help with advanced measurements, analyses and calculations as part of their R&D and product development.

Brekke & Strand Akustikk offers a wide range of services in advanced measurement and analysis techniques, such as: 

  • FAT measurements (Factory Acceptance Testing)
  • Sound intensity measurements
  • ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes)
  • Modal analysis
  • Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)
  • FRF (Frequency Response Function)
  • VTF & NTF (Vibration Transfer Function & Noise Transfer Function)
  • Run Up / Coast Down (sound and vibration measurements as a function of speed)
  • Measurement of Torsional Vibrations
  • Measurement of strain
  • Pass By measurements
  • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) - modelling of medium and high frequency at an early stage / concept study

We also perform synchronised measurements of other measurement signals: GPS, CAN, temperature, pressure, position displacement etc. 

No metrological issues are too demanding for us!