Riddersalen is the name of the new concert hall with 460 seats in the Barony in Rosendal. It was first put into use at the opening concert to the international chamber music festival Rosendal Festival, where Leif Ove Andsnes is the initiator and driving force.
The hall is a converted barn – long enough, but too narrow to function acoustically as a classical chamber music hall. So we had to conjure. We had to remove the sound reflections that would reveal that this was a long and narrow barn, and add sound reflections that belong in the virtual 4000 cubic meters large chamber music hall we had chosen as ideal. At the end, we used an electro-acoustic acoustics system – AES (Acoustic Enhancement System) – in this case the system Constellation from Meyersound. In addition to writing the requirements specification, we participated in this project for the first time actively in the adjustment stage. The fine adjustment continued after the opening concert to compensate for the sound absorption of a complete audience. We made the configuration with the support of room acoustics computer simulation program Odeon 13. Everything was completed within strict aesthetic framework. The result?

Lars O. Flydal/Vårt Land: «A new sound… Wherever you were sitting, you were introduced to an idealized sound impression … Magical» (read more)

Leif Ove Andsnes: «I think the last consert was almost ideal.»

We have through this project expanded the boundaries of what can be achieved with AES in combination with purposeful planning and thorough room acoustic design. And we are very pleased with the sounds in Riddersalen.

Sound sample 1: 6s binaural recordings (use headphones for optimal rendering) from Riddersalen without audience, with acoustic system ON (2 sec), OFF (2 seconds) and ON (2 sec):


Sound sample 2: Concert Recording (NRK2) from Riddersalen 13 August 2016 (follow the link and click on the play symbol”> hør på konsert P2″; available to January 2017)