Affärsverken AB is a municipal company that builds and operates electric/thermal facilities and infrastructure in Karlskrona, Sweden. In the autumn of 2012, their newly constructed Kraftvärmeverk Karlskrona was inaugurated. It is the largest environmental investment ever made in Karlskrona municipality. The thermal power station supplies environmentally friendly district heating from biogas of 42 MW. It is fuelled by wood chips and the steam turbine converts 12 MW to electricity, which is transmitted through the distribution grid.

In connection with the performance tests on the new power plant, we conducted noise measurements for specific equipment in the plant, as well as measurements associated with the mapping of internal noise with respect to the working environment. The project was performed as a subcontractor to the environmental consulting firm, DGE Mark/Miljö AB, who had overall responsibility for all environmental measurements during these tests. The results of the noise measurements from individual components were assessed against provider requirements specified for relevant equipment. Based on noise measurements taken in other parts of the plant’s premises, internal noise maps were developed that clearly show how the noise levels vary locally in the different rooms.