Brekke & Strand has conducted noise surveys, impact assessments and evaluations of remedial measures at Herøya Industrial Park in Porsgrunn since the mid-1990s. Yara Porsgrunn is the largest industry there, with several factory units: A modern ammonia plant with a capacity of 530,000 tonnes/year, three nitric acid plants with a capacity of 1.3 million tonnes of acid/year, two modern fertilizer plants (NPK) with a total capacity of around 2.0 million tonnes of NPK/year and one calcium nitrate factory with a capacity of around 1 million tonnes/year.

Our other customers at the industrial park include SMA Magnesium, Hydro Polymer and SiC. In 2007, we were responsible for carrying out an impact assessment regarding noise in connection with the expansion of the industrial park with the filling in of Gunnekleiv Fjord.