Frogner Idrettspark

At Frogner in Sørum municipality, the local sports team has planned and built a sports park many can envy. The magnificent new facility was completed in the fall – and is in use for a large part of the day.

It was in late summer Frogner sports team could use the new sports park. The project comprises a multipurpose hall of a total of 7,500 square meters – where the hall itself comprises 3,600 square meters. The hall includes three handball courts, a basketball court, ten badminton courts (Frogner is a big club within badminton), path floorball, volleyball and tennis as well as a climbing wall / bouldering wall. The rest of the building includes two fitness rooms, wardrobe facilities with 14 wardrobes, social rooms, store / kitchens, seven offices and two meeting rooms.

The new hall is also built together with the existing hall and clubhouse, which is partially refurbished. Here among other things, Posten (mail) has got completely new premises and is a permanent tenant in the building.

The project also includes an outdoor area including a 3,600 square meter artificial grass with infrared underfloor heating and flood lighting. In addition, there is a new area for an ice skating rink in the winter and an outdoor fitness park.

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