Vibration studies involve studying and assessing vibration conditions for a source in relation to the relevant limits. Vibrations can arise from several different sources, but the most common are related to rail-bound traffic (train, subway or tram). Buses and trucks can also produce high vibration levels in certain situations. 

Brekke & Strand has considerable experience in measuring vibration levels from existing sources and then assessing possible remedial measures based on measured vibration levels and local ground conditions so that the vibration levels comply with the relevant limit values in the completed building. These measures may be targeted at the actual source, such as the refurbishment of subway or tram lines, or at new buildings that are established close to vibration sources.

Vibration monitoring may be appropriate during e.g. construction work. This is then carried out unmanned and continuously, connected to an on-line service for documentation and analysis.  If alarm levels are reached, an SMS alert is sent so that you can immediately take action to reduce any harmful vibrations.