An impact assessment entails that the consequences associated with a measure are mapped out with respect to the environment, natural resources, cultural heritage or society. The provisions for environmental impact assessments are laid down in the Planning and Building Act. The assessment should ensure that impacts are considered during the planning and decision-making process, and it should be a transparent process. Assessment of noise is an important element of impact assessments. Noise can interfere with sleep and speech, it can be perceived as a nuisance, and in the long term, it can have a detrimental effect on health.

Brekke & Strand has extensive experience in assisting developers and planning authorities to carry out impact assessments for major transport and industrial projects. We contribute at various levels and during different phases, including during the construction phase and during follow-up studies on the effects. The Ministry of the Environment's guidelines and the pollution control authority's regulations form the basis for pricing of the consequences, while we simultaneously work on developing new methods to reproduce and quantify the effects.