Construction work often has periods with very noisy work. This can be perceived as particularly troublesome for the environment. By preparing noise forecasts well in advance, a better picture can be obtained of the anticipated sound levels and this provides an opportunity to consider how the work can be organized and implemented in a way that minimises the nuisance for neighbours. Noise forecasts are used to provide accurate information to neighbours and to the authorities. Early and accurate information provides a more predictable noise situation and reduces complaints about noise. 

Noise forecasts from Brekke & Strand have been a key part of the planning process for several projects. Some activities may only be permitted during brief time windows during the day and this can have a major impact on costs and progress. If the calculations indicate that the neighbours should be offered alternative accommodation, this should be known well in advance.   

With an extensive database of experience with common sources of noise, we can deliver precise calculations, assess best-practice measures to reduce noise levels and serve as a link between the developer, the neighbours and the authorities. Brekke & Strand also has a broad range of instruments available for continuous monitoring of noise levels and vibrations for control and documentation purposes.