Brekke & Strand has an extensive range of instruments and performs all kinds of standardized sound measurements, such as sound insulation, road traffic noise, reverberation times or noise from technical installations. We also have significant experience in the measurement of room acoustics parameters, for example from the new opera house in Oslo, the Oslo Concert Hall, the Grieg Hall and the new concert hall in Kristiansand. 

There are many clients who need sound measurements and we perform this task at all levels. We take sound measurements in people's homes to find problems or document that the requirements have been met. We also carry out more advanced measurements to adjust high acoustic requirements, low noise levels and special room acoustics requests. Advanced systems for measurements in many channels enables us, for example, to detect faults in machinery. Generally, we perform measurements of noise, reverberation, sound insulation, air speeds, vibrations, structure-borne sound and sound absorption.