Christian Krohgsgate 32

The contracting company Bunde Construction AS has been providing the refurbishment on behalf of the property company Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS and OBOS Forretningsbygg, who have equal shareholdings in the property Christian Krohgsgate 32 AS with an area of 11,300 square meters. The apartment building was purchased from Aberdeen in December 2014.

Christian Krohgsgate 32 are listed in 1935 as business premises with six floors, and has primarily served as storage up until around 2000. The building is made of reinforced concrete, and bricked with kammerstein of bims. To avoid internal columns, the skeleton is constructed as frame structures over 10.6 meters span. All floors are decorated for factories and warehouses, and the sixth floor is designed as a large fanlight hall. The old building was built in 2000 by the NCC for the Police Immigration Unit, which was located here for a decade.
– We assisted Westerdals Oslo ACT finding new premises and during the inspection here we found out that the building is well suited to their purpose. It has good heights, is robust and has a good amount of daylight, which is well suited for teaching and classrooms. That it is column-free between the floors, is also beneficial, says director of development Fredrik W. Baumann in Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS (ABNE) to Byggeindustrien.

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