This year’s Master’s thesis in acoustics

The expert group in acoustics in RIF (Advisory Engineers’ Association), has this year as last year handed out the award for the year’s best master’s thesis in acoustics.
The prize of 10,000 NOK was awarded to Paula Cruz Gonzalez for her task of comparing measurements and calculations of sound propagation.
“We congratulate Paula with a well-deserved prize and hope that more NTNU students get their eyes on acoustics,” says Brekke & Strand’s own Tore Moen, who is the head of the RIF Expert Group.

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Christmas presents for charitable purposes

Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS and AB have chosen to donate money for charitable purposes this year, rather than giving Christmas gifts to their employees.

All our colleagues suggested an organization they wanted to support and this year the choice fell on the Children’s Cancer Association (Barnekreftforeningen) and the Children’s Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) in Norway and Sweden.

Hopefully we will make this a tradition in the coming years.




Brekke&Strand is Great Place to Work® certified

Great Place to Work® is a global consultant and analysis institute with over 25 years of experience in measuring and developing trust-based culture and leadership at workplaces. Great Place to Work and their awards for Best Workplaces are assigned to organizations that have proven to have created a good workplace for their employees.

Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS has achieved this certification this year.

The GPTW certification is a confirmation that what we in Brekke & Strand believe in and work for, works. Brekke & Strand is ‘Great Place to Work’ for almost 70 competent and committed employees.

New office manager in Oslo

Trond Blesvik is the new office manager in Brekke & Strand Akustikk, Oslo

Trond Blesvik has worked in the company for 6 years and has in connection with the reorganization of the company taken over our Oslo department.

Trond manage our biggest department: 35 experts in acoustics are employed at the Oslo office. We have much to do, says Trond, and we will therefore take this opportunity to encourage acousticians, recent graduates and more experienced, to apply. We have adverts up on our website, LinkedIn and on Would you like to join us? Are you passionate about acoustics and want to be involved in spreading the good message: A good sound environment for everyone, then feel free to apply, says Trond Blesvik.

CEO, Ingjerd Aaraas states that Brekke & Strand has undergone a major reorganization, with a clear division structure reflected in our largest offices: Oslo, Gothenburg and Trondheim.

We are investing with an employee in the Østfold region. Our Anders Isebakke is  sharing an office with Griff Architecture in Fredrikstad.

We believe to be well prepared for a new year and look forward to all the assignments and the challenges that our customers have for us!

New office manager in Trondheim

Anders Fiskvik is the new office manager in Brekke & Strand Akustikk, Trondheim

Anders Fiskvik began in Brekke & Strand Akustikk in Trondheim September 1st as office manager.

The position will have specific responsibility for the development of Brekke & Strand’s services in the Trøndelag region and in the northern parts of the country. The position will report to the Managing dir. Ingjerd Aaraas. Brekke & Strand has 6 acousticians in Trondheim and will thus help to sharpen skills and competitiveness in the region.

“As of today we in Trondheim are strong in planning and building acoustics and noise studies in planning and building, we wish to increase the market shares also in industry and transport in our region” says Fiskvik. He also adds that Brekke & Strand wants to bet northwards: “We will be a good partner for architects, contractors and builders in our northernmost counties.”

Tvibit: The youth venue

“The youth center Tvibit has existed for almost 16 years, and has up until spring been located in premises at Fredrik Langes street. Now when the new youth center is opening in the completely remodeled old firehouse at Parkgata it is as a result of the greatest national investment on youth culture ever.”

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The sound of Rosendal

The beautiful village by the Hardangerfjord has its barony with roots from 1665. Leif Ove Andsnes has retrieved music belonging to – and literally created a new sound from the Barony.

Now the Barony has rebuilt the barn into a concert hall, a much needed arena, with seating for 460 listeners. The place has a long tradition of intimate concerts in the old castle. The small concert venues are also used during the festival, creating intimate Schubertiades.

The thing that is completely new at this festival is that the sound in the new Knights Hall in the old barn is digitized. Almost like swearing in the church for chamber musicians. But the elongated wooden building would have been heavy and difficult to fill with good sounding acoustically. How that would have worked out, we never got to hear. The digital processing Andsnes envisaged before the festival turned out to work – and of course, was the big talk among both musicians and audience.

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Great interest on noise in sewer pipes

“Geberit had managed to collect over 50 participants from across the construction industry on the theme of noise and fire problems in homes and apartment buildings. Knut Haugen, Advisory acoustic engineer from Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS, consultant Johnny Skeide from Glava AS and Odd Skriden and Arvid Aalen from Geberit Norway were some of the names on the lecture list.

Noise is a major problem
Knut Haugen who work in Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS, Norway’s leading advisors on sound and acoustics, talked in his lectures about many different reasons for what contributes to noise from plumbing installations. Haugen could confirm that the problems surrounding noise from sewer pipes is very current.
– We see a lot of complaints about noise in residential buildings. This applies especially in apartment buildings, but also in own homes. Our experience is that improper installation and improper construction technical design can cause a lot of noise. It is especially important to think about where you put the pipes in relation to noise-sensitive rooms. Options with change in the room layout can have significant noise-related consequences, such as if you move about the bathroom and bedroom, Haugen said.

Haugen pointed out that it is flushing of the toilet that is the reason for most complaints. To reduce the drain noise it is a great advantage to take gradual changes in direction instead of abrupt 90-degree bends. Too high noise levels are often due to structural sounds. Structural sounds can occur when embedding tubes in concrete or due to rigid connections to plaster walls. There are now several vendors offering solutions with vibration insulating pipe clamps. One must also ensure that shafts are built with adequate sound attenuation of airborne sound, but this usually seems to be well taken care of.”

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Brekke & Strand Acoustics becomes wholly owned by the employees

Hjellnes Consult (HC) has sold its 39% share in Brekke & Strand Acoustics (BSA) to a newly formed holding company owned by the employees in BSA. The acoustics company becomes with this 100% owned by its employees, in line with HC.
“BSA has made very good progress over the period we have been one of the owners. The company has doubled the number of employees, more than doubled its turnover and has also delivered very good results,” says Geir Knudsen, adm. dir. in HC. “It has since we acquired the company in 2009 been an intention that the company at a certain point would be wholly owned by its employees and now we have agreed together that it is time,” he says.

“We have learned a lot from Hjellnes own model and on behalf of the employees in BSA’s we are pleased with the agreement we have signed. It is a good basis for the future – both for the company and for the shareholders. We will continue to be a spearhead in our areas of expertise”, says Ingjerd Aaraas, adm. dir. in BSA.

The companies have collaborated for many years, in fact since the early ’90s, including the well-known projects like Campus Ås and the new Munch Museum and the Deichmanske library in Bjørvika.
“This close cooperation will continue in the projects we are involved in – now also in the implementation of the new Viking Museum at Bygdøy, which will become a leading global center for the spread of knowledge about the Viking Age,” concludes Ingjerd Aaraas and Geir Knudsen.